Archbishop Conti & Concelebrants

Archbishop Conti celebrated 60 years of priesthood in October 2018 with Mass in Rome but, given his association with the St Mungo Singers through diocesan and ecumenical services and events, the choir invited him to a celebration in St Leo’s Parish on 17 February at which they presented him with a gift in recognition of his years of service to the Church.

Archbishop Conti was joined by Mgr. Gerry, Fr. Willie Slavin, Fr Jim Dean, Fr. Hugh O’Donnell and Fr Neil Donnachie for the Mass which was an appropriate celebration of liturgical music from across the centuries for the Archbishop. In his homily Archbishop Conti reflected that he had marked his Jubilee by going back to his original (and home) dioces of Aberdeen, then to Rome and then had completed the circle in Glasgow. His closing words to the choir and congregation were taken from St Augustine “keep singing and keep on walking”!

After the Mass, the celebration continued in the Parish Hall where those present were treated to a lovely buffet and refreshments and plenty of time to chat and enjoy each other’s company.