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St Patrick: Hail glorious

Hail glorious St Patrick Words by Sister Agnes [audio:hail-glorious-org.mp3] Hail, glorious Saint Patrick, dear saint of our Isle, On us thy poor children bestow a sweet smile; And now thou art high in the mansions above, On...

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St Patrick: The Breastplate

St Patrick’s Breastplate Words (c) Stephen E Smyth. Music (c) David Harris. Taken from the Cantata ‘St Patrick’ [audio:patrick-org.mp3] [audio:patricks-breast-ch.mp3] ‘S mi ‘g éirgh ‘n diugh...

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St Patrick: Celtic Invocation

Celtic Invocation words from the literary executors of Canon J Fennelly. Words of verse 4 & music (c) Noel Donnelly [audio:celtic-inv-choir.mp3] Gu robh Criosda dluth rium air gach taobh Criosda bhith romham is air mo chul...

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St Patrick

St Patrick – Apostle of Ireland Where was he born ? It is true to say that the patron saint of Ireland has formed the subject of more learned controversy that all the other Celtic saints put together. There are so many...

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