The Story of St Mungo

Opening prayer from the Mass of St Mungo or Kentigern Versicle

Prayer from St Mungo Vespers

A note about Jocelyn’s Life of Mungo – or ‘Vita Kentigerni’ – and the ceremony at the Mitchell Library

The Cantata: ‘Mungo’ written and performed for Glasgow’s Year of Culture and repeated for the 14th centenary of St Mungo

The St Mungo Hymn from the Cantata

The St Mungo Rhyme from the Cantata

The City of St Mungo song

Let Glasgow’s people sing: traditional hymn for St Mungo’s Day

St Mungo’s Tree

The Ecumenical Service in Glasgow Cathedral for St Mungo Day 2008

Glasgow and Culross

An anthem for St Mungo’s Day: Let Glasgow Flourish