The chapel at the Little Sisters’ St. Joseph Home in Robroyston was full on 26th February for the funeral of a much-loved member of the Little Sisters community, Sr. Gerard, a musician, artist, dramatist and administrator – and renowned for her sense of humour! The community and residents were joined by members of her family and friends, including members of the St. Mungo Singers. The principal concelebrant was Archbishop Emeritus Mario Conti

Although Sr. Gerard had celebrated her diamond Jubilee as a member of the Little Sisters, her death was sudden and unexpected. As her brother, Fr. Tony Byrne, a Spiritan Father, said in his homily, when they had last met a short time before her death, she had been looking forward to meeting up with family in Dublin in a couple of months.

Sr Gerard

Sr Gerard had been born in Dublin. In the course of her 61 years in the Little Sisters, she had worked in many countries, but she loved Scotland and its people and, when discussing possible retirement with her brother and sister, had made it clear she didn’t want to leave Scotland. Fr. Tony, at the end of his homily, invited the congregation to be thankful for their Christian faith and the encouraging words of the Lord I go to prepare a place for you which give us the confirmation of eternal life.