John Duns Scotus


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Some 15 schools will gather at Wellington Church at 10.30 on Tuesday November 22nd this year to celebrate the life of Duns Scotus with music and drama in a Cantata.  They will be supported by a band from the BEd Music students of the Glasgow Conservatoire.

 John Duns Scotus was born about 1265 at Duns in southern Scotland, and lived during those war-torn years when Scotland had to struggle to be free..

He went to school in Haddington, and joined the Franciscans – men who lived simple lives  like St Francis of Assisi, who taught the basic truths of the Gospel, prayed and were good to people in need.
He studied in North Uist, then at Oxford, and he taught in Paris and finally from 1307 in Cologne. He was a very prayerful man, and had a special devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
He was very highly thought of – the ‘brain of Europe’ – and he was asked for guidance by the Scottish political leaders.
He refused to be bullied by Philip the Fair, the King of France, and moved to teach in Cologne where he died on 8th November 1308.

Born in Scotland, studied in England, taught in France and died in Germany – truly ‘A Man for Europe.’


The children use Rennie McOwan’s prayer :
“God our Father,
help us to love our land
but to hate no other.

 Help us to love and appreciate our own traditions,
but understand and respect the beliefs of others.

Help us bring love and understanding
where there is hate and distrust.

Protect this nation, Scotland,and all who live here,
and make the cross of Scotland
a symbol of love, friendship, hope, justice and compassion.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.