Blest be the Lord the God of Israel: The Canticle of Zechariah
A hymn-version of the Benedictus.
Words (c) Stephen Smyth from Luke 1 : 67-79. Music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick.This text also fits the tune ‘Finlandia.’


Blest be the Lord the God of Israel,
who came to us and brought us back from sin.
God raised for us a Saviour who is mighty;
his Saviour-Son from David’s house and line.
God promised this through holy men and women
who spoke for him down through the mists of time.

The Saviour comes to free us from our foes
from evil hands, from those who wish us ill.
So God’s great love for all his chosen people
is thus fulfilled in these our present times.
God’s sacred oath, his covenant most holy,
is called to mind, his promises made true.

God swore his oath to Abraham and Sarah,
to give us all our freedom from all fear,
to save each one from those who seek to harm them,
that we might serve in holiness of life,
that we might serve in justice and in truth,
our ev’ry day in presence of the Lord.

And you, my child, are favoured by the Most High:
you shall be called a prophet of our God.
You shall go forth as herald from the Lord,
and shall prepare the ways on which he comes.
You shall make known the wonders of salvation
to everyone called chosen by the Lord.

For all our sins will freely be forgiven,
the heart of God pours loving-kindness forth,
God comes to us like dawn comes to the sky
bringing true light, where darkness once prevailed.
So all who live in fear of death’s dark shadow
God will now guide into the way of peace.

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Click on score for printable version