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Glasgow the Welcoming City 2013: The City Chambers 3.00 Sunday 9th June

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The civic and church communities will be welcomed, as they approach the Chambers, by the pipes of Jacqueline Riley, while indoors, as they ascend the majestic staircase, they will hear the gentler sonorities of the Clarsach and violin as Carissa Bovill and Clare O’Neill provide some introductory music. Later the SouthSide Fiddlers, the St Mungo Singers, the Rutherglen Salvation Army Band, members of the ‘St Mungo Ensemble’ and the Scottish Asian Christian Federation along with other members of Mectis, the ‘Minority Ethnic Christians Together in Scotland’ will add their musical support.

Themes at the Welcoming City this year will include St Mungo, St Columba and David Livingstone (1450th and 200th anniversaries) and it was felt that we should show the commitment of the many agencies, in modern day society, who continue working to meet the needs of the disadvantaged in our world today. Accordingly there will be leaflets and promotional material from Christian Aid, SCIAF,Justice and Peace, Mary’s Meals and the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre which will be made into packs for people to take away with them.

Interestingly 300 copies of Livingstone’s speech to the students of GlasgowUniversity, on the occasion of him receiving his honorary degree from the University have been donated for the occasion by the University. The David Livingstone Centre is lending a popup banner exhibition which will be displayed in the City Chambers.

Columba’s work, of course, was not confined to Iona or the North and West of Scotland, and it is known that he and Mungo exchanged pastoral staffs as a sign of mutual respect when Columba visited Glasgow. Lots of people will not realise that we still have material written by Columba and the service will include versions of his prayer ‘My dearest Lord, be thou a bright flame before me…’ and of the renowned Altus Prosator as well as verses from his hymn (set to the Iona Boat Song) ‘I ask you, My God, to bless and protect the family and friends that I love….’

Remembering and thanking God for David Livingstone, the service will be enriched by resources provided by the Iona Community from Africa: Thuma Mima (Send me Jesus) and by ‘Jesus Tawapano.’ It will close with the Magnificat to the tune ‘Amazing Grace.’

The Lord Provost, Cllr Sadie Docherty, will be represented, as will be Archbishop Philip Tartaglia. Bishop Gregor Duncan of the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Rev Howard Hudson, Moderator of Glasgow Presbytery, Rev Alan Anderson, Chair of Glasgow Churches Together and other representatives of the churches will lead us in our celebration and prayer.


The intercessions have been prepared for this very special day:

1. Gathered together in this ‘dear green place’ founded by Saint Mungo on the banks of the river Clyde, we rejoice to be known as Mungo’s Bairns.
With him we pray that Glasgow will truly flourish by the praising of God’s name and the preaching of God’s word.
In this building, the City Chambers , we pray that our civic leaders will always seek the common good and act with compassion, fairness , and justice for all the people of Glasgow.
Lord hear us

2. Saint Mungo knew what it was like to be forced into exile. He left his home in his beloved Glasgow and wandered until he found a safe refuge in Wales.
There he founded the church at Saint Asaph, and is still warmly remembered in that country.
We pray that we will remember to give a kindly welcome and extend a hand of friendship to all in our city who have been exiled from their native shores
May our city be enriched by their presence among us.
Lord hear us

3. This year we commemorate Saint Columba’s landing on the isle of Iona, a place of refuge and a shelter for him.
We rejoice in his faith and zeal in proclaiming the gospel of love and forgiveness to the people of Scotland.
May the churches, and all people of faith in our city, commit themselves once more to making Scotland a place where everyone is welcomed, everyone is valued ,
and everyone can find a peaceful dwelling place to call home.
Lord hear us

4. We also remember the bicentenary of the birth of David Livingstone, the mill boy from Blantyre.
His dogged determination and faith overcame many obstacles before he studied medicine at GlasgowUniversity, became the world famous missionary and explorer of Africa.
A man of faith, freedom and adventure, he established education in Africa and worked tirelessly to promote the abolition of slavery.
May he continue to encourage all of us , especially the young people in our city , to go forward with vision, faith and courage to proclaim justice in our world.
Lord hear us

5. We remember Mungo’s mother Enoch, Columba’s mother Eithne , and Mary Livingstone , the wife of David Livingstone.
These great women belong to the history and heritage of our country , and are wonderful examples to us today of the influence women can have.
May the women of our city continue to be blessed as they find new ways to contribute to the building up of society.
Lord hear us


6. Preparation is well under way to welcome folk from many countries of the world to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year.
As the athletes train , their supporters make travel plans, the baton travels round countries of the Commonwealth, and the city transforms itself,
may we remember to play our part in making Glasgow a friendly city.
May the Games be a message of hope to the world , showing that peoples and nations can gather together in peace and friendship.
We pray for God’s continued blessing on our city.
Lord hear us

The City Chambers will provide refreshments at the close of the occasion as the SouthSide Fiddlers fill the halls with their joy filled sound.