a pilot Internet Radio Station – FINAL ST ANDREW colour
available throughout November
as we prepare to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.

Those of us who use the term ‘the New Evangelisation’ may sometimes wonder if it isn’t just ‘more of the same’ but, of course, it isn’t necessarily so. It could be said that it at least partly represents a dynamic awareness amongst the Churches of the opportunities present in modern culture and technology to present the Good News in our own culture to and for people who so often live with immense pressure – economic, family and social pressure – but who also sometimes have a feeling that the ‘media’ represent an alien world which is threatening our own sense of identity. Print media, tv and radio, and Internet and social communications are content-rich in resources but we might feel that our voices are not heard in there very much.

The Churches rightly feel that they have a ‘Good News’ to give people which embodies an understanding of human dignity, the fulfilment of the highest human aspirations and dreams, and the message that their lives are worth while, because they are human beings and children of God – and that the time has come to make use of the tools of ‘the media’ more adequately. – our internet radio venture – springs from the archdiocesan Music Committee’s wish to promote liturgical prayer and to give another dimension to religious celebrations. Naturally a lot of the music has come from what we create and use ourselves, and we hope and expect that other people will give us more material.

Our aims broadly speaking are:

to promote richer prayer lives initially with Morning Prayers and school Morning Prayers, and then later:

to focus on good news in a culture which sometimes seems to have more negative news than anything else
to provide opportunities for short reflections on topics of interest and on the psalms and scripture.
to direct attention to the good works of many charities and organisations which, in fact, reflect the fruits of the Spirit among us.

to encourage new music and provide some kind of opportunity for it to be heard more widely.
to offer reflections on the liturgical calendar and notable anniversaries, giving voice to people who might otherwise not be heard.


And finally, to deliver material in a contemporary medium accessible from a variety of devices such as Pcs, laptops, phones and tablets.


If you are interested in this venture, please go to (sometimes it is quicker to go to christian) and let us know.

graphic (c) Netta Ewing