A hardy group of St. Mungo Singers braved the snow and ice on 11 December to sing carols at the St Mungo Museum. The City Council have started a new Christmas Market in Cathedral Square and asked if the choir and others could help add some Christmas cheer with carol singing.

With the radical change in weather, some choirs had to call off and the Fair itself had to be moved inside into the St. Mungo Museum and its enclosure, but a small group of St. Mungo Singers made the effort to take part. The choir were somewhat dismayed on arriving to find a notice on the front door of the Museum, indicating it was closed because of burst pipes, but a robust knock on the door produced a response “Oh, did we forget to take the notice down?”

The St.Mungo Singers, suitably attired, in the Museum cloister

After setting up the keyboard in the entrance hall of the Museum, the singers repaired to the café and warmed themselves with tea, coffee and hot chocolate, before cheering stallholders and customers with a succession of well-known carols to put everyone (including some singers!) in the mood for Christmas shopping.

Hopefully the difficult start to this new venture in the Cathedral precinct will not put the City Council off the idea for the future but perhaps they could organise a little less snow next year – you can get too much of a good thing!