Glasgow Archdiocesan Music Committee

To update our insight to current use of liturgical music in your parishes and to enable us to offer help and support where it would be welcomed, we would be delighted if you would take a few minutes to complete and return this informal survey. *Please circle response.

We would like to find out how parishes are getting on with the new Missal translation.

Has the new Missal encouraged more musical participation? Yes No* Comment:


Have you been able to use adapted settings of existing music to accommodate the new text? Yes No* Detail:


Are you now comfortable using the new music settings of the Mass text? Yes No* Comment:


What settings are you using? Detail:


What is working well for you? Detail:


Do you use any Latin or Plainsong? Yes No* Detail:


We would like to know if we can help you in any way.

If your parish would like support in planning or preparing music please let us know.

What practical help and/or resources would be useful to you? Detail:


Do you make use of the St Mungo Music website? or its linked site The Roman Missal? Yes No* Comment:


If so, have you found the new “search” facility useful? Yes No* Comment:


What additional facilities would be helpful for you? Detail:


Do you have links to other useful music web sites? Yes No* Detail:

Please offer your support by returning your response, by 13th October if possible, to:

Glasgow Archdiocesan Music Committee, St Leo’s, 5 Beech Avenue, Glasgow, G41 5BY.

This pro-forma can be downloaded from and returned by email to: by 13th October if possible.

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