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Advent Year A

An Introit: words (c) ICEL. Music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick

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I lift my soul to you, I trust you, Lord my God.
No-one who waits on you will ever be put to shame.

Teach me how to live, Lord, show me the way.
Steer me towards your truth,
you, my saving Lord, you, my constant hope.

I lift my soul to you, I trust you, Lord my God.
No-one who waits on you will ever be put to shame.

Repertoire for Advent

The Introit ‘I lift my soul’ has the advantage of directing our attention in trust to the Lord and includes that most practical of prayers ‘Teach me how to live, Lord; show me the way.’

The Psalms suggested for the Sundays of Advent include:

Ps 121 Noel Donnell’s setting in Psalms of the Seasons (Kevin Mayhew)
Ps 71 Gerry Fitzpatrick’s setting in Psalms of the Seasons needs to be well prepared and sung with attention to what the words are saying.
Ps 145 : a very accessible setting by Noel Donnelly and available on this website
Ps 23: a very string setting by Gerry Fitzpatrick in Psalms of the Seasons

Many more settings are itemised in the liturgy planner of the Society of St Gregory.

The Gospel Acclamations include:

Let us see, O Lord your mercy…. (from Ps 84:8)

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Prepare ye the way . . . (Luke 3:4)
The spirit of the Lord has been given . . . (Luke: 4:18
The Virgin will conceive . . . . . (Matt 1:23)

Hymns, which parishes have used in the past and will doubtless re-introduce on various occasions during Advent, include:

Come, O Divine Messiah
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
When is he coming
O Come, O Come

In the last two weeks of Advent some of our Marian repertoire will come to the fore:

My soul proclaims the Lord (and other forms of the Magnificat)
Mary the Dawn
Hail Mary, full of Grace
Mary, full of Grace (O Sanctissima)
Of one that is so fair and bright
A Sign is Seen
Hail Queen of Heaven
And lots of others

Psalm 95: Today a saviour is born
Psalm 66: May he bless us and keep us – Feast of Mary, Mother of God on January 1st