St Enoch was the mother of St Mungo, patron of the city of Glasgow. She is given a significant place during the events of Glasgow’s St Mungo Festival. Ian Davidson has written a song for children to help them remember her life, heroism and faith.

Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson

The song has been recorded by Carissa Bovil.


The great Saint Mungo’s mother, Saint Enoch is her name
The great Saint Mungo’s mother will always share his fame
For she was spared two deaths, and to Clydeside she came
The great Saint Mungo’s mother, Saint Enoch is her name

She was a pagan princess, living in the East
She faced her father’s fury, and he said her life would cease
They dragged her to a cliff and they threw her from the top
But Enoch rose and walked away from the hundred-metre drop.

They tried a second death for her, adrift in an open boat
in the middle of the North Sea, and only just afloat
Between the storms and hunger, she was sure to lose her life
But the winds and the currents cast her up, along the coast of Fife.

The good St Serf was nearby, and took her from the shore
For anyone in trouble was welcome at his door
And Enoch had a baby, and a fine young boy he grew
And she became a Christian, and little Mungo too.

Saint Enoch showed him courage, and love, as he grew strong
She led him down the path of truth, and taught him right from wrong
She did God’s work in Strathclyde, and in Cumbria and Wales
And left her name all around the land, in churches and in tales.

(c) Ian Davidson November 2009