On Sunday 20th January the churches of the area met at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour for our annual unity service. This year the unity service diverged from the main guidelines prepared by the Christians of India. We departed from their theme and arranged a more Glasgow approach since our Patron St. Kentigern’s feast had just been celebrated by the city in Glasgow Cathedral, High St, on 13th January.

The Jordanhill liturgical choir conducted and led by Alan Taverner have always been keen to be part of our ecumenical prayer gatherings. They explore the old and new liturgical music to enhance prayer participation. So Fr. Gillespie and Alan got together to produce an abridged version of the ancient vespers for the feast of St Mungo.

The service started with a welcome to more than 100 people who had gathered in united prayer led by Rev C Renwick of Jordanhill parish Church, Jack Drummond of Broomhill Parish church, Rev Sidney Maitland of All Saints Episcopal church, Rev. Campbell McKinnon of Balshagray Victoria Church of Scotland and Rev George Gillespie of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour parish.

The service began with a welcome and explanation of the evening prayer (vespers). Each psalm was introduced by the choir singing the antiphon and then the people recited the psalm, ending with all joining the choir in the sung antiphon. At the end of three psalms a short account about the life of St Kentigern was read followed by a sung versicle by the choir. Then the choir led everyone in the Magnificat (Grail version) followed by intercessions. At the end of each intercession everyone sang “O Lord hear my prayer”.

The choir then sang “Gens Cambrina” an ancient hymn of praise about the life of St Mungo. The people responded at the end of each verse as directed by the choir conductor. Finally we all recited the Lord’s prayer together and after the blessing everyone sang “The Day Thou Gavest Lord is ended”. The service lasted for 45 minutes. All then gathered in the hall for social refreshments.