Glasgow Lourdes Hospitalité continued their celebration of their 70th anniversary with a Vespers in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish on 7th September. The principal celebrant wImage may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureas Fr. David Wallace and the music was led by the St. Mungo Singers.

In his reflection, Fr. David mused that there is something about anniversaries that makes them worth celebrating. He had just come from a celebration at his old school and the following day he would be celebrating another anniversary at another school. It was very appropriate to have this celebration in Lourdes parish where the Hospitalité had begun and where there is a little piece of rock from Massabielle.

Pilgrimages, he reflected, are very much in favour again. The Burrell Museum is planning to have a section on pilgrimage when it re-opens. But there is something special about making the journey to Lourdes. Every year is different, with different experiences and challenges. There is the wonderful example of St. Bernadette herself, who obeyed the command of Our Lady, despite the ridicule of others. The Lourdes Hospitalité is special too because of its example of faith and fidelity over the past 70 years, and he prayed that it would continue for another 70 years.

Before the final hymn of the service – what else but the Lourdes Hymn – Fr. David expressed thanks to the St. Mungo Singers and their directors and organist (on this occasion Paul McNeill, standing in for Jacqueline Barrett who had injured her arm, and Jane McKenna who was unable to be present) and to all the members of the Hospitalité who had made the pilgrimages happen over the past seventy years.

As the choir sang Liam Lawton’s The Cloud’s Veil , the congregation made their way to the church hall where there was tea and also an exhibition of photographs of pilgrimages past.