‘Let Glasgow flourish’

The St Mungo Singers was founded in 1971 to support the development of music in the liturgy in the Archdiocese – and elsewhere. The directors are Gerry Fitzpatrick, Noel Donnelly, Dorothy Gunnee and David Harris and the organists are Jane McKenna and  Jacqueline Barrett. The Social Committee is open to any choir member; the Convenor is Elspeth Glasgow and the Secretary is Mary Bradley. The Choir Treasurer is Grace Buckley. New members will always be welcome.

The choir rehearses on Sundays from 7.00 to 9.00 in St Leo’s. We sing for Archdiocesan celebrations, and in parishes when invited to give them support for the funerals of priests and special parish occasions such as Jubilees.  Along with the Rutherglen Salvation Army Band, Russkaya Cappella, the South Side Fiddlers and many others including schools we also sing for Glasgow Churches Together and for ecumenical services.

The St Mungo Singers are looking forward to the new session 2018 – 19 in service of the  Archdiocese and Glasgow Churches Together.  We begin on Sunday 19th August with a Mass, a ‘welcome back’ and a supper celebrating Brother Julian’s 60 years as a Marist Brother.


Events to look forward to include the Vespers for the Lourdes Hospitalite marking 70 years serving pilgrims and their families and friends, at 7.00 p.m. on September 7th in Lourdes Church, Cardonald.

Then we are happy to support Glasgow Churches Together  as they mark the canonisation of Blessed Oscar Romero in Ibrox Parish Church at 7.00 p.m. on Sunday 14th October.

It will be a joy to join the Knights of St Columba as they begin a year of celebrations for their centenary at their Mass on 21st October in Our Holy Redeemer’s Church, Clydebank,
and the following week we will be part of the GCT ‘Pause for Hope’  Service on 25th October at 7.00 p.m. in Renfield St Stephens

Sunday 4th of November will see the annual Requiem in St Agnes’ Lambhill at 3.00 p.m., and the Archdiocesan Requiem for deceased Bishops and priests in the weeks following.
The ecumenical Vigil of St Andrew  on November 29th will be at 7 p.m. in  St Margaret’s Newlands
As usual we look forward to the Blessing of the Crib and Carols for Peace in December in George Square and Glasgow City Chambers.


In 2019 we will support the St Mungo Festival, the Mass of our Celtic Roots, the 1st Sunday of Lent service welcoming people who are joining the church either through Baptism or by coming into full communion, and the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday.
Usually we support an ecumenical  Vespers of St John Ogilvie in March, but that may change this year because the feast falls on a Sunday.

We are glad to be asked to support other events and will do so as best we are able.  All the singing needs good preparation so we will have our rehearsals well planned out.

Since radioalba.org christian went on line in 2013 we have provided much of the music for Morning, Evening and Night Prayers along with some 16 schools.

We maintain a core of plainsong, of classical polyphony (Palestrina, Tallis, Byrd, Lotti….), of Bach and Handel, of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Berlioz, Vaughan-Williams, Elgar, Walford Davies, Rutter, Chilcott and lots more. Since we are a liturgical choir we keep renewing our contemporary vernacular settings of psalms and Masses. Last year we introduced The Chilcott Clare Benediction,  Liam Lawton’s ‘The Cloud’s Veil’, a Beethoven Blessing,  Joncas’s ‘This Day God Gives Me’; Psalm 26 (This Alone) by Tim Mannion, and the Prayer of St Richard of Chichester along with sundry liturgical Introits, psalms and other items.  We are also using the stmungomusic.org website and St Mungo Singers Facebook to promote new music.

We’ve made a start on a St Mungo Music for schools Facebook to try to promote new music and ideas for schools – as well as linking with the Morning Prayer for the Young that features on radioalba.org christian

We can thank the Lord for our friendship, the dedicated generosity that is characteristic of the choir, and our music.
“Who sings, prays twice”