Annual Requiem: Friday 8th March 7.00 St Leo’s, Dumbreck


pax-jpeg‘Remember those, O Lord, who in your peace have died…..’


The St Mungo Singers gathered at St Leo’s on Friday 8th March to remember with gratitude the many singers who have been part of the choir’s life in the past 41 years.

Their very names conjure up memories of music and events over such a long time. The early days when we had to persuade one of our most friendly and musical basses not to smoke his cigars in the back row of the choir during rehearsals; or the lady soprano who sang like an angel but who had outstanding and public difficulty in parking her many cars – to mention but two. Then the liturgical music we promoted and introduced in the Archdiocese and our special early motets such as the Tallis ‘If ye love me’ and the Bach ‘Praise the king of all Creation’ (words by James Quinn SJ.)

Their names: Norma Anderson, Margaret Bell, Eileen Boyle, Mary Connor, Kathleen Caldwell, Pat Cassidy, Mary Canning, Agnes Chalmers, Nicola Clare, Ann Faulkner, May Gibson, Ann Gribbon, Chrissie Higgins, Sarah Kay

Maureen Kelly, Agnes Limond, Betty McCaffrey, Kathleen Mac Donald, Cathie Padden, Daria Romano, Mattie Riley,
Yolanda Santangeli, Cathy Smith, Mary Smith, Lena Tierney, Sadie Topping, John Ballantyne

James Boyle, Brother Christopher, Richard Doak, Harry Farrell, Ronnie McIntyre, Jimmy Fitzsimmons, Peter Fitzsimmons, John Graham, Joe Harkins, Tommy Harte, Hugh Jamieson, Jim Lyons, Len Mitchell, Jimmy Mullan, Jimmy McNamara,
John McVey, Dave Smith

One or two of the current members couldn’t be present – one was ill and confined to the house, another was in Rome at an International Justice and Peace Conference, another had just had a major heart operation, another was recuperating from a shoulder operation the previous day. Some of the relatives of deceased members managed to be present and among them John McCaffrey, whose wife Betty, died so recently.

Before Mass we sang ‘Lead Kindly Light. The Entry procession was accompanied by the plainsong ‘Requiem Aeternam’ and the incensation of the altar by the ICEL Introit ‘Just as Jesus died and rose, so those who sleep in him will be restored by God. As in Adam all have died, so all will live in Christ.’ The Kyrie was Byrd’s simple 3 part version; Psalm 42 by Bob Hurd and Praise to you – God loved the world… were used during the Liturgy of the Word.

The Rev Kevin Kelly, the Deacon, sang the Gospel with his usual skill – the story of the widow of Nain.

In the short homily, Fr Gerry reflected on how much we, the choir, have been enriched by the company of so many singers past and present, whose delight in music was equalled by their sense of the church and the importance of prayer. Their friendship and support is an unforgettable legacy and an unambiguous sign of their awareness of God’s presence in our lives and that of the Church.

During the Intercessions, we prayed for the needs of the world, and then members brought 4 candles to be placed before the altar as the names of the choir deceased were read out, and we sang Noel’s ‘How Blessed are those who have died in the Lord.

For our world , that the work of SCIAF and justice and peace groups will effect change in how we live as a global community, encouraging us to share and act justly. Lord, hear us

For the Church , that the Holy Spirit will renew us and help us to grow together as we seek to deepen our faith in this time of discernment and change. Lord, hear us

That we may find joy in the Lord as we sing and pray together as the Mungo Singers , glad to have the opportunity to be of service in the Church. Lord, hear us

For all we know and love who have died. For members of this choir who have died , that the Lord will reward them for their goodness. Lord, hear us

For their families and friends who are in pain and grief , and for all of us that we will be consoled and strengthened in the sure hope of resurrection when we shall be together with the Lord and all tears will be wiped away. Lord, hear us

The Eucharistic Prayer was sung by Frs Fitzpatrick and Hugh O’Donnell with the Eucharistic Acclamations being taken from the St Andrew Setting. The Agnus Dei was the Dalreoch setting, the Communion Antiphon was James Quinn’s ‘Love is of God’ to the Gibbons tune. Be still for the presence seemed to fit the occasion as a 2nd communion hymn. Receive their souls was sung as we renewed our prayers for and our leave-taking of our fellow singers.

‘Thine be the glory’ was sung as we concluded and then re-gathered in the hall for a buffet organised by the social committee.