Ogilvie ogilvie



At Glasgow Cross where now the Tollbooth reigns,
Where roads converge and traffic’s din is loud,
Imprint of ghostly gallows still remains…
A martyr hanged amidst a jeering crowd.

John Fagan like us all would pass that way
Not knowing what significance there lay
For his own life in that historic ground.
Life lost for faith. By prayer a new life found.

John Ogilvie, who by his blood confessed allegiance
to the church he loved and owned,
this other John by intercession blessed.
Now with the holy saints he sits enthroned.

An unmarked felon’s grave, hidden from sight,
A traitor’s noose transformed by heaven’s light.
As of God’s promised banquet you partake,
Share bread with fellow Scots burned at the stake.

Mary Hanrahan 22nd February 2015


Let us pray

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
let the faithfulness and courage of St John Ogilvie
Inspire us and all men and women of integrity
to stand up for human dignity
and for what is right and true.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.