Twelve schools* took part in this year’s Mungo’s Bairns celebration at Wellington Parish Church on 11 January. Some 600 primary school children filled the church with sound and excitement as they performed their chosen musical pieces under the guidance of their music student teachers. Musical support was provided by students of the Conservatoire B.Ed. Department (otherwise known for this event as the “house band”).

The songs included traditional Scottish songs, more modern ones, and some with changes in the lyrics to link them with either St. Mungo or Glasgow.   They ranged from Wild Mountain Thyme through Song of the Clyde to 500 Miles and Sam the Skull. It was great to see the level of imagination and effort which had gone into the performances, with props and costumes (including a Martian Spaceship and a Lord Provost complete with chain of office!).

A welcome from St Mungo

There were also well-known communal songs to sing- the Jeelie Piece Song, Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny aff a Bus, Coulter’s Candy and so on. And there were famous visitors – St Mungo and his mother St Enoch who presided over the event! The schools also gave Locum Minister, Rev. Liz Johnson Blythe, donations for the parish, as a thank you for hosting their celebration.

No-one listening and watching would have any concerns about the talents and the application of our young Mungo’s Bairns and their future teachers. A wonderful multi-ethnic and diverse community, doing our city proud.

*Participating Schools:

St Denis Primary, St Anne’s Primary, Clyde Primary, Pirie Park Primary, St Francis Primary, St Ninian’s Primary, Eastbank Primary, Croftfoot Primary, Our Lady of Peace Primary, Broomhill Primary, Pollokshields Primary and St. Paul’s (Whiteinch) Primary