A cantata, as originally devised by St Philip Neri, was an event designed to help children celebrate and remember biblical stories or stories of saints.

It originated in Rome at the parish which eventually became known as the ‘Chiesa Nuova’. The ‘cantata’ involved any resources that the group concerned had available – music, readings, dancing, solo and group singing, miming, praying, acting . . . whatever would help them celebrate and remember.

The Cantata: ‘Mungo’ was written by David Morris and Gerry Fitzpatrick and performed for Glasgow’s Year of Culture and repeated for the 14th centenary of the death of St Mungo.

In 1990 it involved the St Mungo Singers with 5 schools and St Andrew’s Brass in St Mungo’s Cathedral, and was then celebrated in St Mungo’s Church and then the Kelvin Hall with 68 schools!

In 2004 more than 20 schools performed the cantata in Our Lady and St George’s church, Penilee in the presence of Lord Provost Liz Cameron and many distinguished guests from Glasgow Churches Together and the Department of Education.