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16th December: Carols for Peace in the City Chambers at 3.00

9th December: a good attendance despite the weather and we have indicated the extra effort to be made during the St Mungo Festival, with some singers needed along with the Russian children’s choir for the little service in the Mitchell Library on the 12th January, but with particular importance attached to the Mass of St Mungo in St Mungo’s Church at 12.00 on the 13th
January and the St Mungo Festival Service at 6.30 on that same day in St Mungo’s Cathedral.

5th December: the Blessing of the Crib was well attended by people and was given generous support by the St Mungo Singers, the Gorbals Ecumenical Children’s Choir, and Alba the Wind Quintet from the Conservatoire, and Carissa Bovill the Harpist. Gerry Healy’s sung Gospel with choir inserts was outstanding. There is a full report elsewhere on this website.


2nd December: The Blessing of the Crib deserves fuller support
this year since George Square will be closed for re-designing next
year. Carols for Peace are on the 16th – we will enjoy singing with the Airdrie Salvation Army band, our usual ensemble, the 2 harpists, the Asian Christians, and the South Side Fiddlers.
Mary has distributed the events /rehearsal schedule until Easter. See the file below:


4th November: the Bishop’s Conference Mass for the launch of the Year of Faith has been moved to Motherwell Cathedral and so will be supported by the Motherwell Diocesan Choir. The St Mungo Singers are accordingly able to support the annual Requiem Mass for the deceased in the local cemetaries will take place at 3.00 in St Agnes’s Lambhill.


28th October rehearsal: This week we heard that one of our most dedicated and long-standing sopranos has died. Margaret Bell was a member of the St Mungo Singers for more than 30 years, and throughout that time has been cantor in her own parish of St Benedict’s in Easterhouse. Hers is a voice that will be well kent in heaven – may she rest in peace. Her funeral will take place at 10.00 in St Benedict’s, Easterhouse, next Tuesday 6th November. Choir members will be there to express their esteem and pray with her family and community.

At this week’s rehearsal we spent some time preparing for the Annual Requiem next Sunday (4th Nov) in St Agne’s, Lambhill, with its mix of the medieval chant ‘Requiem aeternam’ and ‘In paradisum’ along with our contemporary liturgical repertoire, but we also made a start on some of the music for St Andrew’s Day, and we refreshed our singing of some Christmas material including ‘Sheep may safely graze,’ ‘Resonent in Laudibus’ and ‘He became as a Man.’ For the St Mungo Singers, Christmas involves the civic ‘Blessing of the Crib’ in George Square, and the ecumenical Carols for Peace which so far include the Asian Christian Federation and the South Side Fiddlers as well as the Salvation Army Band and ourselves.

The choir social committee met this week and while planning our next social evening it is also looking ahead to next year’s choir trip.

This year’s 5 new choir members seem to be enjoying ‘life with the choir.” Jean O’Donnell writes:

“Whatever age you happen to be, the prospect of joining a new group or club can be quite daunting. Having recently retired, I hoped to be able to join St Mungo’s Singers; however, doubts filled my head. Would they want another soprano? Could I cope with the music? Turns out, I needn’t have worried. This chatty, friendly choir were welcoming and interested in someone new joining their ranks.

Encouraged, I rashly added my name to those who were available to sing at the Inauguration of Archbishop Tartaglia in a few weeks’ time. I soon discovered that the variety and complexity of many of the pieces to be sung would include tongue-twisters in Latin that would take me a lot longer to master.

I turned to the internet. Trawling through search engines proved frustrating and time-consuming and I was becoming disheartened – until, Eureka! I found “St Mungo Music” (http://stmungomusic.org.uk). This site was exactly what I needed. Not only was I able to listen to each piece, often a copy of the manuscript was alongside and gradually, I began to detect improvements in my sight-reading. Using headphones in the evening, to avoid disturbing next door’s sleeping children, I was able to listen to the music and follow the notation. During the day, confident that no-one was at home to hear, I could sing along, as often and as loud as I liked. My very own Karaoke sessions!

Access to the site, at whatever time suited me, undoubtedly enabled me to participate more fully in the service on 8th September. I remember the day with feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment and, with the support of the St Mungo Music website, I look forward to new musical challenges.”

Sunday 19th August: the St Mungo Singers meet at St Leo’s at the earlier time (for this week only) of 6.00 to launch the new session 2012 – 2013.
We had planned to begin with a Mass but instead, because of the impending installation of Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, we will open the session with a short service, give out the Welcoming Pack, distribute the 40th anniversary CD, and have a good rehearsal.

We began preparing in May for the service of installation of the new Archbishop, but now that it is almost upon us we need to get a lot of work done.
New members are, of course, welcome. Last year the daughter of one member and the grand-daughter of another joined the choir and, I am glad to say,
are still happily with us. This week the choir was pleased at the return of two altos, who had been on leave for a few years, and we were glad to welcome one new soprano.

Sunday 26th August: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00: we continue woring on the mass for the new Archbishop of Glasgow, and put in some time on the Vespers of Our Lady which mark the presence of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Dumbarton.

Sunday 2nd September: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

8th September: 11.30: Mass for the Installation of Archbishop Philip Tartaglia in St Andrew’s Cathedral.

14th September: Vespers at St Michael’s, Dumbarton in thanksgiving for the presence and work of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Dumbarton.
The sisters have now relocated.

16th September: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

23rd September: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

28th September: The St Mungo Singers weekend pilgrimage to St Asaph’s, Wales, as part of the celebration of St Mungo’s 14th centenary.

30th September: no rehearsal

7th October: rehearsal

14th October: rehearsal

21st October: rehearsal


11th November: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

18th November: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

25th November: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

29th November: Glasgow Churches Together will gather for an ecumenical Vespers for the Feast of St Andrew in St Andrew’s Cathedral. The music will be led by the St Mungo Singers. All are welcome.

2nd December: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

5th December : 5.00 The Blessing of the Crib: George Square, Glasgow. The choir will sing with a schools choir from Gorbals, a small ensemble from the Scottish Conservatoire, a harper, and church leaders and representatives from Glasgow Churches Together. As well as popular carols we will enjoy singing the central part of the Gospel story from St Luke’s Gospel with cantor and choir. The Lord Provost will be there, and the Glasgow Crib will be blessed..

9th December: rehearsal at St Leo’s, Dumbreck 7.00

16th December: Carols for Peace at 3.00 in the City Chambers, Glasgow

23rd December: to be discussed – in view of the events of the St Mungo Festival in early January we might be wiser to have a rehearsal on December 23rd.