Some of the participants at the workshop

Around 30 musicians – a mix of regular and new participants – from across the Archdiocese gathered at the Ogilvie Centre for a workshop on music for the Year of Faith on 10 November 2012. The workshop began with sung Morning Prayer which set the mood for prayerful reflective involvement.

The first session covered initial feedback from a questionnaire on parishes’ experiences of the use of music for the New Missal, and participants had the opportunity to add their own experiences and discuss what they had heard. Sessions then followed on music for the Year of Faith – from the simple doxology, through New Testament Canticles to scripture based hymns such as the hymns of Blessed John Henry Newman. The point was made that the faith and doctrinal content of hymns mattered if they were to be used in the liturgy.

A session on music for the Communion Rite began with a review of the relevant section of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal and its guidance on the purpose of the music used at this part of theMass. There was a lively discussion of the practicalities of what music to use and how to get the congregation involved. A selection of Communion antiphons and songs were considered, including examples of Communion antiphon with verses from appropriate psalms.

Mgr. Gerry with some of the workshop leaders

Music for Advent and Christmas was also considered. The challenge issued was to really think about what to do for the Liturgy of this Season – don’t just do what you have always done! The availability of resources online was pointed out. Advent Vespers could involve the use of visual aids to prayer – the lighting of candles or placing of an icon, for example – as well as spoken and sung prayer. The Christmas Proclamation and the Prologue toSt. John’sGospel are very valuable for the Year of Faith, as they set our faith in the context of history.

Opportunities were also taken to look again at revised settings of the Mass parts available, particularly the Sanctus, Acclamation and Agnus Dei.

The workshop ended with a discussion on what participants wanted from future workshops. Then everyone departed, clutching generous handouts to study at their leisure and to arm them for their work in their parishes.

Note Copies of the workshop packs are available from St. Mungo Music