The St Mungo Singers Requiem Mass
24th February 2012,
St Leo’s 7.00 for 7.30


How blest are those who have died in the Lord


Norma Anderson Eileen Boyle Kathleen Caldwell
Pat Cassidy Mary Canning Agnes Chalmers
Nicola Clare Ann Faulkner May Gibson
Ann Gribbon Chrissie Higgins Sarah Kay
Maureen Kelly Agnes Limond Kathleen Mac Donald
Cathie Padden Mattie Riley Yolanda Santangeli
Cathy Smith Mary Smith LenaTierney
Sadie Topping John Ballantyne James Boyle
Brother Christopher Richard Doak Harry Farrell
Jimmy Fitzsimmons Peter Fitzsimmons John Graham
Joe Harkins Hugh Jamieson Jim Lyons
Jimmy Mullan Jimmy McNamara John McVey
Daria Romano Dave Smith Len Mitchell
Ronnie McIntyre Tommy Harte