Some of the children taking part

The children of Glasgow had their chance to shine in the Festival, or as the programme put it, to play havoc with the legends of St. Mungo at the Mungo’s Bairns celebration on the Feast Day itself at Wellington Church of Scotland.

This was a wonderful lively celebration involved 12 primary schools, student music teachers from Glasgow University and the “House Band” from the university- plus St. Mungo and his mother St Enoch (or Thenew!).  This was despite the really cold, icy weather which nearly prevented one school’s bus getting through – but their woman driver made it with the children just in time.

In a brilliant kaleidoscope of music, words, mime, costumes and props, the primary school children left us in no doubt that our schools are brimful of talent and enthusiasm, and our student teachers gave us confidence about the future of music in our schools.

The children and students gave us a great programme of songs with a Glasgow flavour, either old favourites  such as Red Yoyo and Ye cannae throw pieces frae a twenty storey flat!, or pop songs recast into Glasgow terms such as Glasgow Green Sunset and Glasgow State of Mind. St. Mungo also took part at the beginning, declaiming in poetry the story of his life.

The Glasgow Budgie

A highlight of the day was the arrival of a very large green and yellow budgie to add that something extra to the singing by St. Denis’ Primary of the late Ian Davison’s song The Glasgow Budgie.  I was struck by the multi-ethnic makeup of the schools taking part and all singing so enthusiastically about Glasgow.

It was also great to see the schools lining up to present Dr. David Sinclair, the minister of Wellington Church, with a collection for the church. On the evidence of this event, we can look forward with confidence to the future of our children.