St Columba ( Colmcille) – Died 597
The apostle of the northern regions of Scotland was born in Ireland in AD 521 His parents were of royal race. Leave aside the many legends that have grown round the saint and Columba, a very real person, remains.

Columba was not destined to remain in Ireland. From his earliest years he had looked forward to the time when he might devote himself to missionary efforts for the benefit of those who were pagans. In the 42nd year of his age he exiled himself and landed with twelve companions on the bleak, unsheltered island known as Hii-Coluim-Cille or Iona. Through their labours, centres of learning and churches sprang up.

His biographer Eunan (Adamnan) writes about him; “loving to everyone, happy-faced, rejoicing in his inmost heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit.” ” He came not to destroy, but to save, not to conquer, but to evangelise” He was a true apostle, thinking little or nothing of himself, trusting God to be his energy and strength and enlightener as to how to cope with challenges which met him every day.

On Sunday June 9th 597, St Columba was called to his reward. He died in the church, kneeling before the altar and surrounded by his religious brethren. Among the saints of Scotland he takes a foremost rank and in previous ages devotion to him was widespread. Today, Iona is a place of pilgrimage to all and awareness of his distinguished place in our history is rapidly increasing. ( Mgr Robert McDonald)

Feast of St Columba: Intercessions

Celebrant: On this feast of St Columba ,
we come before God the Father and ask for our own needs
and the needs of the Church.

Reader We pray for the Church, that many more men and women like St Columba, may offer their lives to the service of the Gospel.
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

We pray for the people of Scotland,and their leaders; May the love they have for their country always flow from their faith which sustains them in good times and bad,
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

We pray for all who work in foreign lands. May they find comfort in our prayers and be sustained by our generosity.
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

We pray for all those who laboured to spread the faith in our land. May the Lord reward them for their courage and their perseverance
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

Celebrant: God our Father, receive these our prayers through the intercession of St Columba.