Music for Mass on November 21st

The Presentation of Our Lady : In unity with Eastern Christianity and commemorating  the dedication in 543 of the New Basilica of St Mary,
built next to the Temple at Jerusalem, this feast celebrates Mary’s dedication of herself to God from her infancy.




Entry: Hail, Mary

Psalm 66: Let the peoples praise you


Communion: I acclaim the greatness of the Lord

Hail, Queen of Heaven


Acknowledgements: Hail, Mary: Noel Donnelly (c) Kevin Mayhew. Ps 66: words (c) The Grail, England; music Gerry Fitzpatrick; (c) Kevin Mayhew.  I Acclaim: words the ICEL Psalter;  music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick.   Hail, Queen of Heaven: words: John Lingard.  Graphic (c) Netta Ewing.  Recordings by Catriona Glen (Ps 66) and The St Mungo Singers.