The 1450th anniversary of St Columba at Iona & ‘Adamnan’s Law’ or ‘The Law of the Innocents’

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Song: The Law of the Innocents or Adamnan’s Law.
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Glasgow Churches Together are pleased to be able to invite Primary schools to mark 2 historic events in November at Wellington Church
on University Avenue, Glasgow. The schools will have the opportunity to sing a Cantata on the life of St Columba and listen to a ‘Newsflash’
from the Synod of Birr in ad 697 about the promulgation of Adamnan’s Law, or ‘the Law of the Innocents.’
Apart from singers, the event will need readers, dancers, instrumentalists, and some children to be dressed in period costume!
The ‘’Newsflash’ will be recorded in advance (to a script by Stephen E Smyth).


Schools rightly give a lot of attention to ‘human rights’ and knowing about these fascinating episodes in our history – Columba leaving Ireland
after a serious error of judgement in which war was caused because he didn’t respect the custom ‘to every cow its calf,’ and Adamnan,
the 9th Abbot of Iona, getting tribal leaders to consent to protecting non-combatants in war – can deepen awareness of the human and the
personal dimension of national and international events.

The Cantata and Newsflash will take place on Tuesday 19th November at Wellington Church, University Avenue, 19th November at 10.30.
The schools will begin to arrive from 9.00 so that those who need some rehearsing will be able to do so, and the celebration will begin with the piper welcoming people as they approach.
The opening procession with ‘Columba’s Book’ will be accompanied by ‘God our Creator’ sung to the tune ‘Highland Cathedral.’ Children from one school will welcome the rest in English and in Gaelic.
There will be one reading from Adamnan’s Life of Columba and another from the New Testament. The Psalm will be Mary Dickie’s setting of Psalm 18: ‘Their voice has gone out, they fill the earth,
the word of the Lord is heard’. There will be country dancing, and the playing of the Clarsach, and prayers for the well being of the city and the country, and the ecumenical (ELLC) version of The Lord’s Prayer
will be sung, and the schools will make a donation to their chosen children’s charity. The final hymn will be the United Nations Hymn for Peace
Transport will be subsidised by the Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust.