Radioalba schedule January 17th – 24th 2016
0800 MP for the week of the 17th January includes prayers for the Week of Prayer forFINAL MUNGO CELTIC copy
Christian Unity (from material provided by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.
We begin with the traditional hymn of praise: Holy God, we praise thy name;
We sing Psalm 117: This day was made by the Lord. We rejoice and are glad.The blessing:
The blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
who blesses the poor, those who mourn, the meek, the merciful,
the pure in heart, the peacemakers, and the persecuted,
be upon you and remain with you always. Amen.

0815 MP for schools for this week comes from Our Lady of the Missions Primary.
It begins with ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’. The Psalm is 26 – The Lord is my light,
the Lord is my help.’

1200 SCO: articles from the Scottish Catholic include : a new Bishop for Argyll and the
Isles, Mgr Brian McGhee. A new mosaic window at St Barbara’s, Muirhead, Lanarkshire
commemorates mining disasters in the area. Finally Fr Thomas Boyle reflects on some
of the difficulties about living the Christian life.

1215 How blest are those
1235 Music Selection
1300 Music Selection
1800 SCO: as above
1815 How blest are those
1835 Music Selection
1900 Music Selection

2000: Evening Prayer is led by Fr Gerry Fitzpatrick with music by the St Mungo
Singers, Cantor Grace Buckley, and with prayers taken from the material provided by
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Psalm 83 is sung – ‘How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord, God of hosts.’
The response to the Intercessions is ‘Peace for
your children. Let there be peace.’

2018: Magazine: Florence Boyle, from Open House, gives us an interesting account of an
inscription on an early edition of the Poems of Robert Burns; then a description of a visit
or pilgrimage to Gloucester and Tewksbury; and finally a very sobering account of the
vicious goings on in ‘human trafficking.’

2049 Night Prayer
2100 vespers: as above
2118 Magazine: as above
2149 Night Prayer2200 archive music programme