radioalba schedule for the week of the 18th March
Morning Half-hour – repeated every 30 minutes until noon
8.00: Morning Prayers this week are led by Pat Graham SND, Fay Docherty, Joe Docherty, Rev Tom Pollock, and Michael Martin,with music by the St Mungo Singers, cantor Grace Buckley, harpist Noel Donnelly, organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett.
8.15: Morning Prayer today is led by Amy and children of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School, with music by Catriona Glen.
8.22: Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to the 2 Gospel passages of Palm Sunday
8.27: Cardinal Martini’s Prayer for Europe.
lunchtime half-hour
12.00: This week the Scottish Catholic Observer looks at our heroic nurses who defied the snow storm, another attack on a Catholic church in Scotland in recent months, and SCIAF’s tricky work in a country controlled by a dictator.
12.15: Praying with the bereaved
12.30: Music from the Archive
18.00: a repeat of the lunchtime half-hour
Evening Hour at 20.00 is repeated at 21.00 and 22.00
20.00: The Evening Prayers  this week are led by Donald MacInnes and Robin Green, with the St Mungo Singers, cantors Grace Buckley and Catriona Glen, harpist Noel Donnelly, and  organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett.
20.20: Our Magazine: From Life and Work, Robin Green reads Ron Ferguson’s  ‘The deeper messages of Lent’
Since the Feast of the Annunciation falls during March – Archbishop Conti reflects on the roots of devotion to Mary, the Mother of God.  And again from LIfe and Work, Robin Green gives Thomas Baldwin’s article exemplifying the effect of climate Change in one African Nation, and Christine Johnston reads James Simpson’s reflection – A Divine Gift – on the Benefits of Humour.
20.50: Daily Night Prayer