Irene Travers RIP

At the end of June,  the St Mungo Singers came together again to say farewell to a retired member of the choir. Irene Travers had been a great alto for many decades until her health meant she had to retire, although her voice remained strong and true to the end, as those who heard her at Mass in her parish St Leo the Great, could testify, and colleagues always hoped she would be able to return. 

Born into an army family, her childhood had involved much travelling, including Egypt.  She had trained as a teacher and by the time of her retirement, was a deputy primary head teacher.  She took great pleasure in supply teaching after retiring, and her brother John recalled how she was often stopped in supermarkets by former pupils who delighted in recalling their schooldays

She loved singing in the parish choir and the St Mungo Singers.  She always claimed she could not read music but she had a phenomenal memory for music and, once learned, it was there in her memory for recovery whenever needed.  She could be depended on to make herself available for any service and it was fitting that so many of the St Mungo Singers interrupted their summer break to be at her funeral.

Her other love was her dogs, latterly schnauzers, and she was well known in the dog walking circle of Bellahouston Park.  She will be missed in the Park, and her “sonorous alto” as Fr Gerry described it, will be missed in the St Mungo Singers. 

Rest in peace, Irene

In the movie ‘I know that my Redeemer lives’ is recorded by The St Mungo Singers