schedule October 15th

The Morning Hour – repeated hourly from 7.00 – 11.00

7.00: Daily Morning Prayers
7.15: Morning Prayer with young people is led by John Paul of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School with extra music by Catriona Glen.
Fr Tom Kilbride reflects on the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22
Margaret Chapman introduces the daily readings at Mass from the Liturgical Calendar
7.25: the Rev Liz Adam with ‘Just a Thought’
7.30: Magazine: Fr Tom Magill on avarice and violence in the parable of the vineyard;  from Far East Magazine Michael Rankin on ‘Proverbs’, and From Vocation for Justice -‘Reclaiming our Spiritual Home’; Gerry Fitzpatrick with Learning from Migrants in Calais; messages from a young mother in Gaza;   from Flourish, Mary McGinty on ‘high on life.’

Lunchtime and Evening

12.00 / 6.00: Fr Gerry Fitzpatrick and Joseph Docherty lead us in praying for peace for all the peoples of the Holy Land.
12.15 / 6.15 Golden Oldies
12.30 / 6.30: Chatterbox
1.00 / 7.00 the Synod:  Pope Francis with some words, a prayer and  Timothy Radcliffe’s Meditation ’The Spirit ofTruth’
1.30 / 6.30: A Believer’s Hymnal


2.00 Christian Music
3..00 more Christian Music
4.00 more Christian Music
5.00 and more Christian Music  

The Evening Hour – repeated hourly from 8.00 – 10.00

8.00: Vespers of the week 
8.20: Magazine
8.50: Compline