The Sanctus

The Sanctus is probably the most important part of the Mass to be sung – it completes the introductory Preface, which specifies why we are giving thanks, and gives voice to our sense of being in the presence of the all-holy God, who is  present to us and among us.  So it is important that the music carrying the text is accessible to the whole congregation and that it has a link with the meaning of the words. The role of the choir with this text is not to replace the congregation but to support it and enrich the singing. No easy task, because the Sanctus begins with a sense of awe, then moves on to heaven and earth being full of glory and Hosannah!  Then it continues with the comforting words of the psalm ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord’.
Yes, lots of liturgical music simply carries or delivers the text, but it helps if the music enhances the words to help us to feel them in mind and heart.

The St Leo Sanctus and memorial 2023    

St Leo Sanctus 23 org mel

St Leo Sanctus 23 choir Score

recording:  pending

Bellahouston Mass

Gloria: (c) Francis Duffy

Recording of the Gloria:

Sanctus and Memorial (c) Ronnie Leith

Bella Sanctus and Mem

recording of the Sanctus

recording of the Memorial pending

Lamb of God: (c) Francis Duffy

Agnus Dei Bellahouston – Full Score  


Jubilee Mass

Gloria Jubilee 2014 full org – Full Score

Recording of Jubilee Gloria

jub-sanctus-mems-Agnus-org – Full Score

Recording of Jubilee Sanctus

Recording of Jubilee memorial





St Andrew Mass

Melody line Kyrie, Gloria, Agnus Dei: St Andrew Mass unison – Full Score

Kyrie, eleison

St Andrew Gloria

St Andrew Sanctus

Schubert setting of Sanctus


recorded by The St Mungo Singers




St Gregory Mass



Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei