The Morning Hour: repeated from 7.00 – 11.00

7.00: Daily Morning Prayers

7.15: Morning Prayer from School is led by Our Lady of the Rosary Primary : ‘In the morning let us know we’re loved

7.20: Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to  Matthew 13 1-23 and the parable of the sower.    
Margaret Chapman introduces the daily readings at Mass.

Liz Adam with Just a Thought

7.30: In our Magazine In the Magazine Fr Tom Magill reflects on ‘whatever you do to the least of these, yo do to me;  – and Jean Swinbank reads from Africa Magazine about the Book of Kells, and then a reflection by Donal Dorr on the 1st commandment.  Finally from Friends of the Holy Land Gerry Fitzpatrick reads Bishop John Pritchard on ’The Ladder.’

Lunch and Tea time

12.00 and 6.00 p.m.: The Glasgow Churches Together Service is led this week by Robin Green and Christine Johnstone

12.15 and 6.15: Praying with the bereaved

12.30 and 6.30: Chatterbox

1.00 and 7.00:  Fr Denis McBride continues his series on the Gospels

1.47 and 7.47:  Dr Noel Donnelly comments on Psalm 33


2.00:  Christian Music  A

3.00:  Christian Music B

4.00:  Christian Music C

5.00:  Christian Music D

The evening Hour: repeated from 8.00- 10.00

8.00: Vespers – a daily evening prayer

8.20: Magazine
8.50: Night Prayer