schedule for 6th August 2023

The Morning Hour: repeated from 7.00 – 11.00

7.00: Daily Morning Prayer
7.15: A Morning Prayer from children of Our Lady of Good Aid Primary, Motherwell 
7.20:   Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to next week’s passage from Matthew’s Gospel chapter 14: 22-33
Margaret Chapman introduces the daily readings at Mass.
7.25:Liz Adam with Just a Thought

In our magazine: Fr Tom Magill  comments on the parables of the kingdom in Matthew’s Gospel; Donald MacInnes reads ‘Developing ecospirituality’ from Don Bosco Today Magazine. Mary McGinty with the tragedy of a shuttered church by Ross Alfelt. And Donald and Magdalen MacInnes give us their haunting `appreciation of Creation.’

Lunch and Tea time

12.00 and 6.00 p.m.: GCT Aug 6 23 Chris ed A short service from Glasgow Churches Together led by the Rev Chris Foxon with music by The St Mungo Singers.
12.15 and 6.15: praying with the bereaved
12.30 and 6.30: Newsnatter
1.00 and 7.00: Fr Denis McBride reflects on the Gospels
1.50 and 7.50:  Dr Noel Donnelly comments on Psalm 90


2.00:  Christian Music  E
3.00:  Christian Music F
4.00:  Christian Music  G
5.00:  Christian Music H

The evening Hour: repeated from 8.00- 10.00

8.00: Vespers – a daily evening prayer
8.20: Magazine
8.50: Night Prayer