RADIOALBA.ORG  for the week of April 29th 2018 christian is an ecumenical,  internet-based radio which promotes prayer and news of good things happening in the churches and among  people of faith.
Morning Half-hour – repeated every 30 minutes until noon.
8.00:  Morning Prayers this week are led in turn  by Annette Carachi, Willie Raworth, Donald MacInnes, Clare MacDonald, Stephen Eric Smyth;  Gerry Fitzpatrick, and Clare MacDonald.  The music is by The St Mungo Singers with cantors Sally Mulholland and Grace Buckley supported by organist Jane McKenna and harpist Noel Donnelly.
8.15: Morning Prayer for young people is led by Kirstie McTaggart with music by Magdalen MacInnes and Catriona Glen.
8.23: Canon Bob Hill on the example of love given by Jesus in John 15: 9-17
8.27:  A poem: Ascended
lunchtime halfhour
12.00: News from the Scottish Catholic Observer
12.15: Praying with the Bereaved
12.30: music from the archives
18.00: a repeat of the lunchtime half-hour
18.00: News from the Scottish Catholic Observer
18.15: Praying with the Bereaved
The Evening Hour at 20.00 is repeated at 21.00 and 22.00
20.00: Evening Prayer for Easter:  These Evening Prayers for Easter are led by Jean Swinbank and Gerry Fitzpatrick with music by the St Mungo Singers with harpist Noel Donnelly and organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett.
20.20: Magazine:Marian Pallister, of Justice and Peace, Scotland, speaks on loneliness and isolation. Michael Martin reads The editorial from April’s Open House; then from Open HOuse Jean Swinbank gives Michael O’Neill’s article The Cult of the Gun. We hear  the Pax Christi Prayer for peace and conclude with Malcolm Guite’s poem, Ascension.
20.50:  the daily Night Prayers this week are led in turn by  Joe Docherty, Bridget Devlin and Noreen Smith