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Morning Prayer at 8.00 is led by Jean Swinbank with

The Candle of Remembrance

The Candle of Remembrance

music by the St Mungo Singers and cantor Grace Buckley.
It opens with St Ambrose’s hymn ‘O God, creation’s secret force.’
Ps 83 ’How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord God of hosts’ is
sung, and the reading is from Ezechiel ‘I mean to raise you from
your graves, my people’; the 4th verse of the Canticle of Zecharias
is followed by ‘You alone are holy’ and the Intercessions.’
The Lord’s Prayer, in the translation accepted by so many of the
churches, is sung.

8.15:Schools Morning Prayer comes Our Lady of the Missions Primary School
The Morning Prayers section is repeated every 30 minutes until 12.00.

12.00 Noon : A short service of prayer for those who want to reflect on or pray for deceased friends and relatives.
12.20: . . . . . . . . . music from the archives
6.00 p.m. : A short service of prayer for those who want to reflect on or pray for deceased friends and relatives.

The Evening Hour begins with a prayer for Migrants by Dr Laurence Whitley:

Let us pray
Father of compassion,
the word traffic suggests to us the bustle of anonymous vehicles hurrying on their way. But now we have learned a new use of it: the shuffling of desperate and fearful people on to the terrors of the sea. Human Traffic – the term is cold – uncaring.
They have no names, no identity, no history – but will this trafficking mean no future too?
Forgive us, Lord, we know not what to do. We stand idle spectators while the tide of desperation rolls on. So we pray now, show us the way. Reveal to us how to understand, and then how to care and then give us the will and the means to do it.
To the end.
In Jesus’ name we ask it.

Evening Prayer which follows at 8.02 and 9.02 begins with the St Mungo
Singers singing ‘Grace to you and peace.’
The psalm is Psalm 138: I thank you for the wonder of my being.’
The ’Amazing Grace’ Magnificat leads into the Intercessions
which are punctuated with the sung response ‘Glory be to God
who has shown us the light.’
The Magazine which follows includes
Noel Donnelly’s short reflections illustrating psalms 1, 4 and 8.

2) Fr Noel Barry died last week and, at this time when there is so
much sadness and violence being reported daily, we listen to his
powerful reflection on the anniversary of the First World War and
his prayer for peace.

8.50 / 9.50: Night Prayer is led by Joe Docherty.