schedule for week of  August 14th 2022

The Morning Hour at 7.00; repeated hourly until noon

7.00: Daily Morning Prayers including for the Feast of the Assumption

7.15:  MP school from Our Lady of the Missions, East Renfrewshire

7.20: Canon Bob Hill  & the Gospel for the 21st Sunday of the Year    Margaret Chapman introduces the daily readings at Mass The Churches Call to Prayer is devised by the “The Scottish Church Leaders’ Forum spoken by Mary Welsh with music by Noel Donnelly on harp and the St Mungo Singers                                     7.30:  RAMag August 14th  2022 ed   In The Magazine:  Fr Tom Magill reflects on the giftedness of the Kingdom of God;  from The Scottish Catholic Mary McGinty reads about a new play ‘A Viking Summer,’ then tells us of a Central American Nicaraguan  scandal;  and finally from Flourish she speaks on  the travails of meeting her birthday target.  Finally Gerry Fitzpatrick reads an account of an indomitable  missionary learning Arabic.

lunchtime and early evening

Sunday: The Mass of the Assumption is led by Canon David Wallace with Psalmist Noel Donnelly and the St Mungo Singers, with harpist Catherine Walker and organists Jacqueline Barrett and Jane McKenna. 
weekdays: 12.00 / 6.00:  The Rev Michael Bunting of the United Reformed Church leads the  Glasgow Churches Together service with music from the Wild Goose Worship Group.

12.15 / 6.15:    The Entry Songs at Sunday Mass

12.55 / 6.55: Lecture series 7 Archive music

12.50 / 6.50:   Fr Jim McManus series from Kinnoul Redemptorist centre of Spirituality:
01.30:              Psalms

2.00:               Newsnatter
2.30:              Believers Hymnal

Evening Hour at 8.00 repeated at 9.00 and 10.00
8.00: on Sunday: the Vespers for the Feast of the Assumption are led by Annette Carachi with cantor Helen Healy and the St Mungo Singers, ( with organists Jacqueline Barrett and Jane McKenna).  Different vespers the rest of the week.

8.20: Magazine as in the morning

8.50: Compline