christian schedule for the week of the 5th November 2017
20.20: Our Magazine this week includes notes about: the annual Glasgow schools Cantata on November 14th – The Story of Joseph and Mary; the annual Day of Recollection of ecumenical contacts; an Open Forum with the Catholic education commission; a youth initiative by the Archdiocese of Glasgow; a charismatic event;  annual Glasgow requiem for the clergy; annual requiem for the Knghts of St Columba; a talk for the clergy by Tom Devine on the historic Franco-Scottish links; Then Jean Swinbank reads an article from Open House on The Balfour Declaration, and Joe Docherty delivers the  recent Pope Francis talk about the christian view of death.
The Morning half-hour at 8.00 is repeated every 30 minutes until 12.00.
08.00: The Morning Prayers daily
08.15: MP for school is led by Holly of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School with music by Catriona Glen
08.20:  Canon Bob Hill comments on the parable of the lamps
08.24: Joe Docherty leads us in a short service for peace.
lunchtime halfhour
12.00: news from the Scottish Catholic Observer
12.15: a short service for those who have been bereaved
12.30 – 18.00: archive music
18.00: a repeat of the lunchtime half-hour
18.30 – 20:  archive music
The Evening Hour is at 20.00 and is repeated at 21.00 and 22.00.
20.00: Evening Prayer this week is led in turn by Joe Docherty, Donald MacInnes and David Smith.
20.20: Magazine
20.50: Night Prayers daily