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Radioalba schedule January 24th 2016
0800 MP for this week is led by Jean Swinbank with music by the St Mungo Singers and
cantor Grace Buckley on Psalm 22: ‘His goodness will follow me always, to the end of
my days.’ It begins with ‘Be still for the presence of the Lord’ and the first prayer opens:
‘God our creator, increase our sense of your presence in our world and our respect
for all that you have made…’ The response to the Intercessions is ‘Lord, in your mercy
hear our prayer.’0815 MP for schools for this week comes from St Monica’s, Milton who honour St Paul
with the reading from the Acts of the Apostles in which he asserts: ”I am a Jew from
Tarsus in Cilicia..’ and they sing ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd; and acknowledge Robert Burns
with excerpts such as ‘An honest man’s the noblest work o’ God,’ and ‘The best
laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley,’ the songs: ‘Is there for honest poverty’
and Auld Lang Syne.The 30 minute of prayer is repeated every 30 minutes until 11.30.

1200 SCO: from the Scottish Catholic Observer: headlines are:
a Pro-Life Vigil makes its debut with prayer outside the Southern General.
The work of the St Vincent de Paul Society saves the government millions.
The debate continues at University: should the Vatican should sell it’s treasures?

1215 How blest are those
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1800 SCO: as above
1815 How blest are those
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2000: Evening Prayer is led by Joe Docherty with music by the St Mungo
Singers, Cantor Grace Buckley, and Psalm 138: ‘I thank you for the wonder of my being.’
It opens with ‘Grace to you and peace from God the Father; grace to you and peace
from the Lord, Jesus Christ.’
The response to the Intercessions is ‘Glory be to God who has shown us the light.’

2020: Magazine: “Joe Doherty gives an account of 2 recent ecumenical services in
Glasgow – the one marking the 1st anniversary of the Queen St. tragedy in 2014,
and the other the annual Hogmanay Service increasingly being supported by the
churches in Glasgow Cathedral. Then Florence Boyle, from Open House, gives
us Fr Jim Lawlor’s reflection on the ‘Synod on the Family’ in the light of the refreshed
understanding of ‘mercy.’


2049 Night Prayer

2100 vespers: as above

2118 Magazine: as above

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