Hail, Mary most blessed: new scripture-based words for the traditional tune used at Lourdes. Written for the 60th anniversary of the Glasgow Lourdes Hospitalite in 2007 and sung with them at the Vespers of Our Lady in St Joseph’s, Tollcross.

Words (c) Stephen E Smyth.
Music traditional arranged by Gerry Fitzpatrick

Hail Mary, most blessed, the Mother of God,

Click on score for printable version

Click on score for printable version

and given by Jesus as Mother of All.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

The angel’s great message, the birth of God’s Son,
required your acceptance – so graciously giv’n.

2 You cared for your cousin and joy swelled your hearts.
You voiced all our hopes in your Magnificat.

4 The angels and shepherds first witnessed Christ’s birth.
The kings show God’s message is for the whole earth.

5 Your Son in the Temple, presented to God,
the eyes of the prophets both hope and pain saw.

7 For fam’ly at Cana embarrassed for wine,
your gentle attention led Jesus’ first sign.

8 How blest you the mother who nursed God-made-Man.
More blest still are all those who keep to God’s plan.