Introit: Lord, you really are the Saviour  with Doxology
Collect or Opening Prayer
Gospel Acclamation
Preface of the 3rd Sunday of Lent

We have grown accustomed to singing hymns at the start of Mass, and they are often very effective.
However, hymns are frequently less suitable than ‘The Entry Song’ or Introit. The Introit tends to be
in tune with the theme of the day or the season, is short, is scriptural, and is flexible. People can fairly
easily learn the ‘Glory be to the Father’ which fits the verses of several weeks while choir or cantor
can sing the verses until people pick them up. The Gospel verses of Lent can have more than one function,
and can serve as Introits replacing the ‘Praise to you, O Christ’ with the Doxology.
The Archdiocesan Music Committee thanks Fr Michael Hutson for recording the Opening Prayers,
Fr John Carroll for recording the Prefaces, and Grace Buckley and the St Mungo Singers for the Introit
and Gospel Acclamations.