from Netta’s Whithorn Exhibition










Entry: Repent – the kingdom of Heaven is near

Ps 94


Lord, I am not worthy

Postlude: the Waves of Kilkee

Acknowledgements; Repent, the Kingdom is near: (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick. Ps 94: Noel Donnelly (c) Kevin Mayhew. Sanctus: St Andrew Mass.   Lord, I am not worthy: music Gerry Fitzpatrick c) Kevin Mayhew.  Recordings by Grace Buckley and the St Mungo Singers with organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett.  Waves of Kilkee music by John Allan, Carissa Swan and Clare O’Neill.  Photo of a Lectern Fall by the Sacred Threads and exhibited at the Whithorn Exhibition in 2007.