The Glasgow ecumenical St Andrew Vespers will take place on Friday 7.00 in St Andrew’s Cathedral.
All are most welcome.

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Friday 29th November is the Vigil, the Eve, of St Andrew’s Day. Many Scots people, whether at home in Scotland, or throughout the world in the Scots diaspora in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, in Asia and Africa will feel a thrill in being Scots and make preparations to celebrate St Andrew. There will be parties, dinners, pints in pubs, and services in churches as people mark our national day. Many schools will mark the event in one way or another. There will even be a special Morning Prayer in ‘Scots’ broadcast on Radio Alba from St Monica’s Primary School in Milton. Glasgow Churches Together will hold an evening service, a ‘vespers’ in Glasgow’s St Andrew’s Cathedral on Clyde Street at 7.00. There will be special services throughout the day from 10.00 at Queen’s Park BaptistChurch in the South Side, a special Mass in St Andrew’s Cathedral at 1.00, and services and Masses throughout Glasgow and Scotland – and indeed throughout the whole world as St Andrew, patron of Scotland, Russia and Greece, is remembered and revered.


On Saturday, 30th November, will feature :

1 a St Andrew’s Day Morning Prayer at 8.00, (repeated at two-hourly intervals), followed by

2 a special Prayer and Blessing with Archbishop Philip Tartaglia,

3 a meditation from Dr Laurence Whitley, Minister of Glasgow Cathedral,

4 Our Lady of the Rosary Morning Prayer,

5 the story of St Andrew as a Cantata for children, sung by pupils of St Rose of Lima Primary School, Glasgow,

6 thoughts by Brendan Berry on his St Andrew Roundel in St Andrew’s Cathedral,

7 a Morning Prayer in Scots by St Monica’s, Milton, Primary School,

8 an interview with Rev Alan Anderson, Chair of Glasgow Churches Together,

9 the Liturgical Choirs Concert from St Thomas’ Church, Riddrie. After 12.00 the Morning Prayers will not be repeated, but the rest of the sequence will recur at about 2.00 and 4.00.