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Great St Andrew
Words by F Oakeley 1802 -1880
Tune ‘Stuttgart’ probably adapted by C.F. Witt c1660-1716


Great Saint Andrew, friend of Jesus,
Lover of his glorious cross,
early by his voice effective
called from ease to pain and loss.

Strong Saint Andrew, Simon’s brother,
who with haste fraternal flew,
Fain with him to share the treasure
Which at Jesus’ lips he drew.

Blest St Andrew, Jesus’ herald,
True Apostle, martyr bold,
Who by deed his words confirming
Sealed with blood the truth he told.

Ne’er to king was crown so beauteous,
Ne’er to heart was prize so dear,
As to him the cross of Jesus
When its promised joys drew near.

Loved Saint Andrew, Scotland’s patron,
Watch thy land with heedful eye,
Rally round the cross of Jesus
All her storied chivalry!

To the Father, Son and Spirit,
Fount of sanctity and love,
Give we glory now and ever,
With the saints who reign above.