Glasgow Churches Together presents a short prayer
in the aftermath of the terrorism at Nice and the attempted coup in Turkey.

To listen to the prayer, please click on the audio file above.
Prayer read by Fr David Wallace.  Music by the St Mungo Singers


I know that my redeemer lives.
On the last day I shall rise again.
And in my flesh I shall see God, the living God.

God our Father,
We pray for peace in our troubled world.
May nations work together to bring harmony to all people;
May acts of war come to an end with peaceful solutions;
May terrorism be eradicated and may your peace reign.

We pray for the people affected by the tragic events
killing and injuring so many in Nice.
We pray for those who witnessed and for the families of all those affected.

We pray for the people of Turkey:
for all who died in the attempted coup
and all who have been scarred by the events.

Father, may your healing come upon the brokenness of our world
and may we learn from our mistakes
and turn to your mercy and compassion
through Christ our Lord.