The St. Mungo Singers had great pleasure in joining Sandyhills Church Guild and guests for their Annual Carol service on 6 December. The church and the welcome were both very warm, with Rev. Norman Afric bringing a smile to faces with his greeting “ Hello, you’re looking lovely”

The service was a mix of familiar carols and some less familiar music including Isaiah 55 and Psalm 121. There were scripture readings and prayers, harp music by Dr. Noel Donnelly, and intercessions for Glasgow and its twin city Bethlehem, for the country, for peace and for the needs of people everywhere.

Rev. Norman Afric welcomes the congregation to thelovely modern church of Sandyhills

A spoken and sung blessing completed what was a lovely service and the final carol was the joyful Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Then it was time to enjoy the hospitality of the Guild, with tea, coffee and home baking. There was even the

opportunity to buy home-made preserves.