A Short Report on RADIOALBA: 25th March 2015 radioalba.org christian

Since November 1st 2013 Radioalba.org Christian has sustained a daily diet
of a musically rich Morning Prayer and school Morning Prayer
in a 30 minute cycle) followed by a short service for people remembering
and mourning their dead (12 noon and 6.00 p.m), with special greetings
and blessings for St Andrew’s Day, Christmas, Easter, St Mungo’s Day, the
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, prayers for peace and so on from the
Glasgow churches, plus lots of music from Noel Donnelly, John Allan, Clare
O’Neill, Carissa and Christine Bovill, Ann Morgan, the St Mungo Singers,
Motherwell Cathedral Choir, Pluscarden Abbey, Dalmally, Night Fever,
and lots of ‘music from the archives.’ We have been delighted at the
involvement of some 15 schools so far.

During Lent, we have introduced daily Night Prayers at 9.00, and at 10.00 preceded by Stations of the Cross and a 30 minute magazine programme introduced initially by writers from the well known ‘Open House.’’ Also during Lent we have welcomed short reflections from Dr Laurence Whitley of Glasgow Cathedral and Fr David Wallace, Chair of Glasgow Churches together, and Rev Tom Pollock, Minister of Sherbrooke St Gilbert’s and Moderator Designate of Glasgow Presbytery for 2015 – 2016 has led us in Morning Prayer. We have been enriched with short reflections on the psalms of Lent by Noel S Donnelly and will continue with the psalms of Eastertide in the coming weeks. During Eastertide the Night Prayers will continue, the Magazine will be supplemented with contributions from Focolare, Mill Hill, the Xaverians and others, and we will introduce an Easter Vespers.

Radioalba.org. christian can be accessed
directly on the internet
or through glasgowchurchestogether.org
or the archdiocese of Glasgow website
or stmungomusic.org.uk

Radioalba aims at providing an outlet for prayer, for reflection, for faith generated creativity. If you have a contribution to make then please get in touch through the website.

Some Statistics
Since the 1st November 2013 Radio Alba has steadily increased its daily page views and now has had over 4,425 page views an average of 12 page views per day.
It has a total of 1,700 users and still continue to grow. 58% of these are returning visitors which means more than half those who listen to the station return to it.
Of those who are listing 67% are using a Desk Top or Laptop PC, 32% mobile and 21% use a tablet such as an iPad or similar device.
At it’s peak there was 71 people simultaneously listening to the station.
For the people above the station has been provided 1,842 hours of connected streaming music this is an average of 5 hours per day.
However there has been a large uptake on the usage from the 19th December and this continues to show in excess of 30 hours listening per day.
There are over 7 hours of material scheduled for each day with filler material the rest of the time in the forma or archive music highlighting individuals and groups throughout Scotland.
Schedule material is in the form of Morning Prayers and School Morning Prayers, and a service of support for those who are bereaved, then a short evening Magazine program followed by Stations of the Cross from Sciaf, and a ‘Night Prayer.’
All the above has been achieved with minimal budget and only 3 people working part-time on the creation of programming, site and advertising.