A Mass of the Ascension







Let us pray

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
with joy we celebrate the Ascension of your Son to be with you in glory.
Strengthen our faith, hope and love,
That we who yearn for the fullness of life with you, your Son, and the Holy Spirit,
may share that life with all your children in the Kingdom that is coming
through Christ our Lord, First-born of the Dead,  ascended in glory.

Mass – The Ascension-0119


For the Church: that we may show our awareness of God’s presence with us, and of his love for all creation:

Lord, hear us.

For greater confidence in the growth of the kingdom of God, and a determination to work at co-operating with other Christians and people of other faiths for the common good of us all:  Lord, hear us.

We pray for peace throughout the world, but particularly just now for Syria and the Holy Land, the Yemen and the other troubled countries of Africa and the Middle East, for people everywhere whose lives are spoiled by violence and war.   We also pray that those who work for peace may not lose heart.
Lord, hear us.


Let’s pray for the well-being of our country and of Europe in this difficult time.
Lord, hear us.


For all who are ill, and for those who support and care for them:
Lord, hear us.


For our deceased relatives, friends & fellow-parishioners,
Let’s pray also for those killed or injured serving in the armed forces.
Lord, hear us