Children getting ready for the Cantata





In thanksgiving for the the presence of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Dumbarton, and to mark their leaving the town, there are several celebrations including a Mass on September 15th, a Vespers of Our Lady on September 14th, and today, 5th September, a performance of the Cantata ‘Julie’ by St Michael’s Primary School.

‘Julie’ was written to mark the 250th anniversary of the founder of the Sisters of Notre Dame.
Here are the score, the index page and some of the recordings made to enable the schools to prepare for the celebration in 2002. And here also is a report of the Cantata celebrated in September 2012.




Julie The Smiling Saint

1 Come and meet 3
2 Julie was born at Cavilly 5
3 Then aged sixteen 8
4 Oh the Good God 11

4 At twenty three 12

5 The Revolution 18

6 Aged forty eight 20

7 Amiens 23

It’s in the Eucharist 24

8 The first Sisters 26

Home 28

It’s in the Eucharist 30

9 Epilogue 31

Written and composed by Stephen Eric Smyth and Gerry Fitzpatrick for the Sisters of Notre Dame
on the 250th anniversary of the birth of St Julie Billiart.