Words based on Tobit 8:4-9 and (c) Stephen Eric Smyth 2006. Music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick 2009.
God ever blest,our mothers and fathers
taught us to praise you, source of true love.
All of the heavens, all of creation
sing of your blessings, age upon age.

God, you created Adam ‘the Man’ and
Eve as ‘the Woman’; made to be one.
All human being are their descendants,
all one great fam’ly, formed of your love.

God, now today, this man and this woman
stand here before you. Witness their love.
Lavish your graces, lavish your mercy.
Give them fulfilment. Let them be one.

God, may you bless this couple together,
guide them to old age, loving and close.
God, hear our prayers of love and affection.
We sing out ‘Amen – So let it be.