Some of the instrumentalists getting to grips

Some of the instrumentalists getting to grips at the children’s Cantata 2012

The St Mungo Singers 2013 -14

The MECTIS singers

With the MECTIS singers at Glasgow the Welcoming City

Feeding the inner woman before the work begins

Feeding the inner woman at the Archdiocesan Music Conference 2013

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The St Mungo Singers gather again this Sunday, 18th August, to begin a new session of service to the Archdiocese of Glasgow. We begin with a sung Mass at 7.00 to which friends and prospective new members are most welcome. As singers and friends roll up to St Leo’s, Dumbreck they will know that every year constitutes a fresh start, and plans are always made which inevitably need adjusted as the Archdiocese, the parishes, Glasgow Churches Together and people ask for support for their liturgies and events. After the Mass on the 18th there will be a welcome, distribution of the schedule until the end of 2013 (always subject to change), a rehearsal of some of the material for the September Concert and refreshments. As usual we will ‘hit the ground running!’


The highlights before Christmas include

a concert for liturgical choirs in partnership with the recently formed Eastend Deanery Choir (and any others who wish to join us) on the 19th September in St Thomas’ Church, Riddrie.

Many of the choir will go on the trip to Italy based in Sorrento at the beginning of October, with visits to Monte Cassino, Naples and the Amalfi coast..

Some of the choir will be involved in the Archdiocesan Autumn Music Conference later in October, and
the annual Requiem in St Agnes’ Lambhill will take place early in November.
St Andrew’s Day will be bigger than ever this year. Preparations are being made to broadcast daily during November a short Morning Prayers, a special set of Morning Prayers for schools, and some music and musings looking towards St Andrew’s Day, the Commonwealth Games and other events. It will culminate in an ecumenical Vespers on the Vigil of St Andrew (29th November), while the Feast itself will hopefully have a special Mass at which we pray for the wellbeing of our country. On the Feast Day – Saturday 30th November – there will also be a national Day of Prayer for the country with which the churches will be very happy to be associated.

The Blessing of the Glasgow Crib in George Square which takes place probably on 5th December
and the annual Carols for Peace in the City Chambers will be on December 15th at 3.00.

Choirs have always been important in the church’s liturgical life for a variety of reasons, not least because of their ability to lead the congregation, to enrich it with descant and harmony, and to facilitate the introduction of fresh repertoire, as well as to sing its own special parts – without inhibiting either the full, conscious and active participation of everyone else or holding up the smooth flow of the celebration. The St Mungo Singer choral repertoire is very large consisting as it does in an abundance of settings of the Mass Parts, psalms, Gospel Verses and Communion Antiphons and motets in a variety of styles from plainsong (such as Mass 8, Credo 3, Requiem Mass Introit and Communion Antiphon, the Marian Antiphons, the Veni Creator…….), through polyphony (Palestrina, Byrd, Gibbons, Tallis), Baroque (Handel, Scarlatti and Bach), Classical (Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven) then the 19th century Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Walford Davies and on to contemporary motets and anthems ( H J Botor, Vaughan Williams, Rutter, Chilcott . . . . . . .) Choir repertoires cannot be static and we refresh them continually both to provide pieces which suit the variety of events at which we sing and to delight the singers.

The choir has shown great patience with the recordings made during rehearsals in recent years. These recordings enable us to provide material for Cds (as learning aids for Archdiocesan Music Days and for Cantors and psalmists ) and for the podcasts which will carry the large set of Morning Prayers to be broadcast during November and then at other times. We are also building up a set of Vespers for special feasts during the year.